All these pictures were taken during and after the Dortmund concert.


At the beginning he played "Carry on" and "Here is your paradise" on the piano.


He must have been playing "Spanish Train" here.


This was "Patricia the Stripper", you might recognize the red bra close to the microphone :-)


At the end of the first part Chris invited us to dance in front of the stage.


The 2nd part he played with a full symphony orchestra.


Here is doing a parody of Elvis Presley ...


Sitting on the stage he performed "Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles.


Later, a choir came on stage and he performed "One more mile to go" and "Snows of New York".


We were allowed to dance again and Peter Oxendale went crazy, just as the crowd ...


For the encore Chris came out wearing a Santa hat!!!


Here Ruediger came really close with his camera.


One last pic at the end ... now look at the face of the security guard!!! LOL


Rudy, Ruediger and Astrid waiting backstage for the man to come ...


Here we are talking to Kenny Thomson, the manager of Chris. The girl in the back is Ruth.


Finally! There he is! :-)))


Chris is signing our t-shirts. The man on the right, who helps him holding the shirts is Chris Andrews, his personal assistant.


Ruth got her purse signed here.


He also signed some tourbooks ...


This is just before I hand him the Christmas card from the list.


And we were talking a little about the list. The girl in the back btw must have been somebody from the catering service.


Time to say goodbye ... In the back you can see Kenny Thomson again.