All pics were taken at the concert in Duesseldorf on the 20th of November. I was sitting in 2nd row, so quite close to the stage. Nevertheless the pics turn out a little dark and far away. I hope you enjoy them however.



Here he was singing Spanish Train .. I can remember that, because of the bright red light he used during this song.


Some song he was playing on the guitar in the first half of the concert.


Again a guitar song, I couldn't take any pictures of him sitting at the piano, unfortunately it was too far away.


This is the karaoke part of the show. A girl, who Stephan and I met before and after the show, sang "A rainy night in Paris" with a beautiful voice.


A pic from the second half of the show, where Chris performed with the Quadriga string quartet from Mannheim.


Right at the end of the show, I handed Chris my rose. You can see my hand and Chris's smile in my direction (well, ok, I agree you need quite good eyes to figure my hand out, but it's me, honestly! *grin*)

Sorry about the roughness of the cut of the page, this is NOT Astrids fault, I went for getting them up quickly, not classy aesthetics :)